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Thursday, July 20, 2006

An adventure in the Himalayas of Tibet

I received a great tale of adventure in the Himalayas from my Warrior friend Beverly Clement. She and her husband Rob went there to help with a hospital and center.

You have made it as far as China and now you want to go and explore parts of Tibet that you might not have been to before or even read about.

Wewere heading to a place that was almost difficult to find on a map.We hired a driver, a 4x4 car and a translator, and then off we went over the mountains. It is fairly cheap to hire people to drive you and far safer than trying to drive yourself.

Slowly we climb up the mountains, it was just the end of winter and snow was still plentiful on these mountains. Finally we climbed to just over 4500 metres. Wow the view was amazing. The Himalayas - we are among them and words fail to describe what you see ahead.




From this you can see the road we have just travelled. Remember we are up over 4500 metres. But it wasn’t long before we were slowed down as there had been an accident on this mountain range. It immediately shows you how good a driver you have as he safely goes past it. These photos were taken from the vehicle we were in as we slowly drove past. You want adventure - you get adventure on these mountains.


And as you see it isn’t one vehicle that has gone over the edge, but that vehicle is resting on another van.


And of course you need to look at the problem to make sure the vehicles don’t roll down the mountain. What do you do? Well in China it is simple - stand on the bumper and see what can be done.


And if you are not sure how far it was to roll down the mountain - this is us below the crash.


It is good to know that nobody was injured and the drivers got out safely.

You want adventure; try the mountains of China and Tibet. We promise you that you will not be disappointed with the view you get. The clean air, just be aware of the altitude.

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