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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tips to find adventure in all your travels

1) Don't just think about about your destination. Instead, discover the treasures along the way.

2) Forget seeing five regions in five days. You shouldn't try to pack it all into one trip. Spend your time in one place ... you'll be able to fully explore the region and find things the regular tourist will never see.

3) Enjoy the unexpected. When your travel takes a wrong turn, let it be an adventure. Sometimes, taking the wrong fork in the trail reveals something extra special.

4) Get inspiration from within. When deciding where to go on your next vacation ... fulfill an old dream. See a place you read about in a novel, saw in a movie, learned about in school. Decide to visit a country just because you like the cuisine.

Adventure tours in Old Australia ... yikes!

Found this in my news this morning. Adventure travel in Australia -- 10-20 million years ago -- was no vacation. Imagine what the koalas must have looked like.

"SYDNEY (Reuters) - Forget cute, cuddly marsupials. A team of Australian paleontologists say they have found the fossilized remains of a fanged killer kangaroo and what they describe as a "demon duck of doom."

A University of New South Wales team said the fearsome fossils were among 20 previously unknown species uncovered at a site in northwest Queensland state.Professor Michael Archer said on Wednesday the remains of a meat-eating kangaroo with wolf-like fangs were found as well as a galloping kangaroo with long forearms that could not hop like a modern kangaroo."Because they didn't hop, these were galloping kangaroos, with big, powerful forelimbs. Some of them had long canines (fangs) like wolves," Archer told Australian Broadcasting Corp radio.

Vertebrate paleontologist Sue Hand said modern kangaroos look almost nothing like their ferocious forebears, which lived between 10 million and 20 million years ago.The species found at the dig had "well muscled-in teeth, not for grazing. These things had slicing crests that could have crunched through bone and sliced off flesh," Hand said.

The team also found prehistoric lungfish and large duck-like birds."Very big birds ... more like ducks, earned the name 'demon duck of doom', some at least may have been carnivorous as well," Hand told ABC radio.Archer said the team was studying the fossils to better understand how they were affected by changing climates in the Miocene epoch between 5 million and 24 million years ago."

Killer kangaroo, demon duck of doom roamed Outback - Yahoo! News

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Is this still adventure travel?

Yesterday, Expedia announced it was partnering up for theme tours. I've been an avid trekker/adventure tourist since I was a child ... and I'm wondering, "Is this still adventure?"

Please have a look and leave a comment here on the blog. Please, let us all know what you think.

"Expedia has taken the idea of web site as travel agent one step further by promoting customizable theme trips it calls Expedia Experiences. The coordinated accomodations, activities and dining fit into a specific theme from the following categories: cultural/historical, exotic/adventure, live event, luxury/glamour, romance and sports. Rather than book online, customers are shown planned itineraries and directed to call a tour specialist partner of Expedia ...."

Here's the rest of the story:

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