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Monday, July 10, 2006

Adventures in the Alps let you bask in the alpenglow

An adventure travel vacation takes you high up into the alpine world. This is one of the ways that adventure travel lets you get closer to the countries you visit. Hiking in the Alps, we can stay at one of a number of quaint old Berghauses.

What is a Berghaus?

It is a mountain house or lodge. Usually, a berghaus is an old alp farmhouse that was converted into accomodation for the early hikers and mountain climbers. They are the solid refuges we find high up in the Alps, used by hikers, climbers, hunters for hearty meals or overnighting- usually in a large communal room.

Enjoying the hospitality of an alpine Berghaus, we take an after-dinner stroll and enjoy the rosy alpenglow. Evening brings a special light to the alpine environment. Long after the deep valleys have been plunged into night, the majestic peaks still catch the last rays of the sun.

Upon our return, we find the dining room filled with the laughter and boisterous conversation of farmers from a nearby alp - they often drop in after dinner for a convivial evening. In their suspenders and work pants, the farmers are a comfortable lot and we join them for a Kaffee-Twetschge - coffee with plum schnapps.

And tonight, we will sleep well in a cozy wood-paneled room.

Good night.

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