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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tips to find adventure in all your travels

1) Don't just think about about your destination. Instead, discover the treasures along the way.

2) Forget seeing five regions in five days. You shouldn't try to pack it all into one trip. Spend your time in one place ... you'll be able to fully explore the region and find things the regular tourist will never see.

3) Enjoy the unexpected. When your travel takes a wrong turn, let it be an adventure. Sometimes, taking the wrong fork in the trail reveals something extra special.

4) Get inspiration from within. When deciding where to go on your next vacation ... fulfill an old dream. See a place you read about in a novel, saw in a movie, learned about in school. Decide to visit a country just because you like the cuisine.


Blogger Leonard said...

You have some beautiful pictures
of places you have travelled --
great descriptions, too.

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Thanks for the travel ideas. There is some beautiful country
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10:20 AM  

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