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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Those adventurous Hungarians

Seems there's a different kind of adventure on Laka Balaton in Hungary. The Hungarian tourism authority is advertising it for those who fancy sex in a boat.

An email is being sent around by Hungary's authorities ... with a link to a cartoon film. Accompanied by a snappy Hungarian pop song from the 1980s, a young blond woman goes out on the lake with a man in a small rowboat. After popping her top (so to speak) she gets his undivided attention and they make waves in the boat.

The tourism authorities was quoted as saying, "The marketing campaign is aimed at selling Balaton as a travel destination primarily for the young generation." Since the man is seen at the end hiding his wedding ring ... have to wonder what kind of young people they're trying to attract ;-)

You can check out the short flick here: (Warning: Some cartoon nudity)

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