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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sunrise in the Alps rewards adventure travelers

The first rays of the sun strike the high peaks and then slowly descends to the village below - bathing the Alpine meadows in a warm golden glow. Early mornings are a wonderful time for mini explorations.

Early risers enjoy an enjoyable and refreshing "early morning ramble". One morning you take a light saunter through an old part of town, looking at traditional architecture or watching the locals go about their morning chores. On other mornings, you hike up to a vantage point in a meadow where you revel in the early light and the fresh air.

Walk to the bakery and savor the tantalizing aroma of fresh baked temptations. Join a local farmer as he milks his cows.

(Here's the early morning sun bathing my hometwon of Klosters, Switzerland)

Wherever you go on your "early morning rambles", you're sure to build up a healthy appetite. You return to our inn to find the rest of your group congregrating over steaming mugs of rich coffee and sitting down to a hearty breakfast buffet. A map is pulled out, showing today's hike, and soon everyone is poring over it in anticipation of today's adventure.

Get up early on your adventure tour and get the extra reward of a wonderful morning.

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