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Friday, July 07, 2006

Lace up your hiking boots ... we're off on an adventure

Adventure travel is a great way to get close to the countries you visit. Walking the trails ... meeting locals along the way ... stopping at small mountain villages. Feel the path under your boots and smell the fresh mountain air. On your next vacation enjoy the sights only an adventure travel vacation package can give you.

We're going to embark on some wonderful adventures. We're going to take a tour through some of the loveliest alpine scenery. We're going on an adventure travel tour.

Join us as we stop at mountain restaurants sitting on top of splendid peaks. Sit back on a rough wooden bench ... overlooking a vista of lush valleys far below. Smell the aroma of potatoes and onions cooking on a wood-fired stove in the rustic kitchen. Taste the satisfying richness of a large bratwurst sausage and tear into a thick chunk of farmer's cheese.

What a life ... what an escape ... what an adventure! Come along!

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Blogger Tropical said...

IMG src="" alt="Mt. Kilimanjaro" width=176 height=118 hspace="3" vspace="3"
border=0 align="left">
MT. Kilimanjaro This route is not used often because it is hard terrain to handle and requires those that out for real hard challenge. However,  its actually the shortest route to get to Uhuru peak. Umbwe route is the hardest but most magnificent and shortest way to reach  Uhuru Peak.The gradient is steep and demanding in terms of stamina. Welcome for the challenge and you will be certified according to the height you scale officially

8:56 AM  
Blogger Kevin Riley said...

Tropical, I'd love to climb Kilimanjaro once. Was in South Africa in the late 70s, but haven't been back to the African Continent since then.

9:54 AM  

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